Pay Per Click Advertising!

What Is Pay Per Click ??
Pay Per Click  (PPC) is also known as CPC (Cost Per Click)is an internet advertising model used to Direct Traffic to website. In PPC Advertiser pay to the publisher when the ad is clicked by the user. It is defined simply as “the amount spent to get an advertisement clicked”, (the nature of PPC). In PPC Ads appears at the top and right of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). PPC services work by associating your ad with a keyword or Phrase related to your product and services, Any time that keyword is used in search, your PPC advertisement will be shown on the search result page. You only pay when a customer click on  your ad and visit your website, and the cost charged for each click depends on popularity of the keywords. The Search engines assessment of how descriptive the PPC ad and keyword are to your website, and hoe frequently your ad is clicked vs. your competitors’ ads.

How can PPC Advertising Help in Online Business?
In Other Words PPC is a totally set of Google Adwords Rules. Where’s we have to work or we run our campaigns according to adwords rules. In PPC we have to pay google for our ads. We use PPC only for Instant Traffic. By Purchasing PPC Advertising on Search Engines you can get your website promotion instantly in front of your Target audience much faster than with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


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About pratibhasinghppc

Hi, Myself is Pratibha Singh, Working in Marketing and Advertising Field. I have more then Two years experience in Internet Marketing Like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMO (Social Media Optimization), and PPC (Pay Per Click). Currently, i m working as a PPC Asociate Manager in IT Company Dwarka, handling Tech Support Projects & I am Also provide PPC Training & SEO Training as well.

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